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Teach kids, playfully, the skills of the future with our robots!

Tools for Talents is a specialized importer and distributor of innovative educational products.

Tools for Talents has been the first to introduce and promote coding robots not only to customers but also to primary schools across Europe and carries the best and most innovative items avaiable in this product range.

Our robots give children in different ways the opportunity to get acquainted with the fascinating world of coding and programming.

Wat do you do with your Coder MiP?

Coder MiP can Balance objects on his tray and all-terrain wheels help Coder MiP explore!

Program your robot’s actions and reactions. Coder MiP communicates trough motion, sounds and Led lights in his eyes and chest. His sensors allow him to navigate his surroundings and respond to hand gestures.


What do you make with your mBot Ranger?

Do you want to make a cool tank with the mBot Ranger Robot Kit, a fast racing car with three wheels, or build a balancing car? Explore the endless possibilities with this kit. Build your own robot and program with Scratch 2.0!

Kids playing with Robo

Robots learn children to program in education

 Lesson plans are being developed to help both children and teachers on how to use these new and innovative educational tools in the classroom to excite and inspire the children that work with them.
Also workshops are created and organized that can educate both teachers and students.

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